Thursday, October 19, 2006

Posh Spice Fashion Clothing Range

The skinny and not very talented Posh Spice is set to launch a range of fashion clothing on a website which is still under construction.

Stay tuned for folks. It should be launched later this year. I know I'm breathless with anticipation as I count down the days.

I presume the "dvb" in the website name stands for "Dumb & Very Boring".

Victoria Beckham has implied she is working with fashion designer Donatella Versace on new clothing designs. If so, I suspect Versace could design and make the clothes while Victoria could offer helpful suggestions like "do you think it would be better if we make the sizes more anorexic?"

When the project is up and running, I expect the clothing sizes to vary from WT (Wafer Thin) to XXXWT (Extra Extra Extra Wafer Thin).

Prospective clients of Posh's fashion clothing range will be encouraged to limit themselves to a diet of Tic Tacs and water if they want to be able to fit into the clothes.

Who knows? David Beckham may even help his wife out by modelling himself in the clothes. It could be a bit embarrassing for him but he's worn more embarrassing stuff before such as the England football shirt.

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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1 comment:

pearl~ said...

well, Victoria beckham's design is not tat bad, she designed some cool jeans that i got on holidays, they are very comfortable and "cool" especialy for kid like me....

Dont make her look like a dumb however she is very vulgar...