Monday, July 17, 2006

Juice Detox Diet

I bought a food processor/juicer today at a funky-smelling department store manned by lazy, unprofessional staff. But enough about “Jusco”. Back to the story about the juicer.....

For those of you who live off meat, sweets and junk food, I'm talking about an appliance that crushes fruit and vegetables into liquid form. I’ve been on a detox diet of 80% fruit and vegetables since the start of the month and it can get tiresome munching on all this healthy stuff all of the time.

I figured it would be much easier to ingest this bitter-tasting health food as quickly as possible by turning it into liquid and then downing it in a few big gulps. Also I quite like the sound the machine makes when I crush the various shards of fruit and vegetables into a messy pulp. *eye roll*

This is actually my first detox diet and juicing is definitely the way to go. There is little preparation time involved and you can make many different concoctions. Still, how I miss all the tasty junk food that calls out to me everytime I pass a fast food franchise.

The annoying thing with eating all this healthy stuff is that you always get hungry. My stomach is indeed rumbling again. In fact, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.....radish. Time to fire up the juicer posthaste!

Right, I'll get my coat.....