Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fergie's Amazing Weight Loss

A couple of decades ago I remember turning on the TV to watch the royal wedding of Prince Andrew and his young red-headed bride, Sarah Ferguson.

Marrying into royalty meant that "Fergie", as she became affectionately known, was bestowed the regal title of the "Duchess of York".

Several years later, after the birth of her 2 daughters, Princess Fergie had weight problems and her plump appearance became the butt of many fat jokes. The British media cruelly dubbed her the "Duchess of Pork" due to all the excess weight she had gained.

Throughout the mid 1990's Fergie began to lose the weight through a strict regime and her dieting success earned her the role as spokesperson for the global dieting consultancy "Weight Watchers".

I was surprised at how Fergie's diet and exercise program had helped her lose so much weight. She actually began to look semi-attractive again.

Soon Fergie attracted great interest in the entertainment world when she began to delve into singing and dancing. At the turn of the century, Fergie along with the "Black Eyed Peas" met with great success on the pop charts.

Fergie had now adopted a blonder and more athletic look. In fact it made her look damn fit and sexy.

Her prodigious musical talent coupled with her gorgeous figure and looks meant that her sexy image was gracing the pages of many magazines and websites.

This year she embarked on a solo career and her debut album is aptly named "Fergie: The Dutchess". It's quite a seductive album cover.

This turnaround in image by Fergie has been amazing. How did it happen so fast? My meagre brain is unable to comprehend it.

The transformation I have observed is a total mystery to me.

It's almost as though they were 2 completely different people! *eye roll*

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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