Monday, December 31, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres Can't Dance

One of the most cringeworthy television moments one possibly has to endure is watching the opening sequence in the Ellen DeGeneres Show when Ellen starts to dance. Ellen can not help herself. She can not NOT dance. Every bloody show after she does her intro, the music comes on and then she prances around the stage and shimmies into the crowd with her embarrassing dance moves. AAarrrgh! This cringefest is enough to send shivers down my spine while my sphincter muscles tighten up in response to the unbearable scenes.

The bizarre thing is that the crowd absolutely lap it up. There must be something in the alcohol err, I mean, the water, they hand out to the studio audience. Some of these excitable women are just begging for Ellen to gyrate with them and perform her robot dance moves. They're absolutely loving it as they bounce around and dance like idiots along with Ellen. Maybe they think the TV cameras pointed at them aren't real?

Let me say that I don't actually watch the Ellen Degeneres Show on a regular basis. It's just that when you're channel surfing and you come across such a hideous sight as Ellen dancing, you can't bring yourself to change channel. It's like watching a horrible road accident. Let's hope other TV hosts don't get bitten by the "Gotta Dance" bug.

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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