Friday, September 22, 2006

Women Wearing The Same Outfits

I once attended a class at university where the lecturer was wearing the exact same brand name collared shirt as myself. Feeling a slight bit of embarrassment, I sat farther back in the lecture hall that day and had a laugh about it with my mates.

I think the situation is deemed more socially embarrassing when it arises between 2 women. Look what happened at the "Premiere Magazine Women In Hollywood" gala held a couple of nights ago in L.A.

Are Christina Applegate and Rachel Griffiths such close buddies that they called each other up before the awards ceremony to make sure they would wear the exact Hugo Boss dress?

But seriously, I can only image the feeling is 100 times worse for women celebrities who attend award ceremonies and get photographed in front of the worldwide media.

At least Christina Applegate and Rachel Griffiths didn't do what Zhang Ziyi did at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month. Here's the polka-dot Armani dress Zhang Ziyi wore.....

Two months earlier, the outfit worn by Xu Jinglei at a press conference.....

Hard to "spot" the difference hey?

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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