Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Obese People Should Pay For 2 Seats

Have you ever had that feeling? When you're sitting on a plane and then you spot this really obese dude or woman in the distance. They're making their way down the aisle and seemingly in your direction. The reality of the situation sets in. Electrical impulses rush through your spine and head as the overweight monster slowly approaches your row of seats. Small beads of sweat start to break out on your forehead. Oh bugger, they're about to sit down next to you.

A giant woosh of air cascades across the surrounding area as the beast plonks their fat ass down on the seat next to you. You squirm uncomfortably as their extra layers of blubber encroach upon your personal space. You silently curse the ticketing lady who did the seat allocation. Your thoughts turn to despair as you wish you could curl up in a fetal position and wail like a baby because you know the upcoming flight is 8 hours long. But there's not enough to space to do that thanks to the "lunchbox" who is seated next to you.

You want to scream but you're worried that angering the beast next to you may result in oneself being sat on. You start to rationalise. Maybe I'll just keep quiet and hope that when it's meal time, "lunchbox" over there won't demand my meal as well. Then your feelings turn to resentment and anger. Surely the airline should have implemented some sort of "Fat Flyers Program" to prevent all this needless suffering. Of course they could be more tactful and call it a "slow metabolism tax". Either way, airlines should make obese people pay for 2 seats. Skinny people should not have to suffer, dammit!

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey, my wife resembles that remark!