Friday, June 22, 2007

Wimbledon Equal Prize Money

Wimbledon's equal prize money policy is an insult to the men. For the first time in the history of the Wimbledon tennis championships, the gentlemen and ladies winner will each receive the same amount of prize money, a whopping cheque for £700,000. What a joke! The men face tougher competition, play more intense points and battle over the best of 5 sets instead of 3 sets like their unfit female counterparts.

I don't consider myself to be sexist. If I lived in the early 20th century, I would gladly campaign for the right of women to vote and probably stand alongside some of these angry feminists while burning a bra. Mainly because it's a truly evil contraption that's so damn frustrating to unhook. I would draw the line though at using hunger strikes as a form of protest. However, as a testimony to their determination, these brave fighters for women's equal rights even went on hunger strikes to promote their cause. Although their primary motivation was probably to lose weight in order to nab themselves a husband.

I do feel the fight for women's equal rights has gone too far in this instance. Amelie Mauresmo will be over the moon with this latest development. The reigning Wimbledon ladies champion has every chance to get her sweaty, masculine hands on this improved wad of cash. Grass courts tend to favour the big hitters and they don’t get any bigger than this gigantic, muscular Frenchman, oops, I mean.....woman.

Speaking of massive hulks, Serena Williams is always a chance at Grand Slam events due to her great mental strength and playing prowess. Unfortunately she is a bit out of shape this season. I'm not saying she's obese but these days when Serena sits around the house, she really sits AROUND the house.

Maria Sharapova could also grunt her away to another title. Along the way, she'll need to keep her focus with all the male streakers running on court during her matches.

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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KY said...

why did you put up a picture of conan the barbarian and called it amelie? :/

Anonymous said...

We all know Goofjuice man loves his women with legs like trees.