Thursday, October 12, 2006

Musicians / Bands With Rubbish Names

The list of offenders include 80's group "The Thompson Twins". First of all, they weren’t even twins. I mean, come on, one of them is black. Then there's the fact that there were 3 members in their band.

Anyone who has seen "LL Cool J" on TV knows how much the guy loves himself especially when he starts to flex his muscles.

LL Cool J’s real name is actually James Todd Smith III. Well, one day "James" decided it would be a universal truth that "Ladies Love Cool James". When shortened, that became LL Cool J. What a knob. Someone pass me the bucket.

One of the most influential groups of all time were "The Beach Boys".

But what a bunch of phoneys. They had all these hit songs about surfing and they used to carry surfboards around. But none of the members in the group even knew how to surf: Except Dennis Wilson, who ironically, drowned.

When I first saw the posters of the Canadian band “Barenaked Ladies”, I was slightly disappointed as there were no bare or naked ladies.

Then I realised I had been expectantly drooling over a group of 5 geeky blokes. I felt so dirty and ashamed.

Next we have "The Righteous Brothers".....

Sure, they loved to dress the same but you guessed it. Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield were not really brothers. Apparently, a U.S. marine once heard them performing and said “That’s righteous, brothers!” and the rest was history.

As for Danish band "Michael Learns To Rock".....

Pfff! More like "Michael Learns To Sing Crappy Love Songs".

Right, I’ll get my coat.....

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