Friday, July 14, 2006

Gay Games VII Chicago

I'm a big sports fan and for me this week has seemed kind of empty following the completion last Sunday of the World Cup in Germany and the tennis at Wimbledon. My impression from the blogosphere is that other people are suffering similar withdrawal symptoms from viewing elite athletes representing their country in rigorous sporting endeavours.

But fear not sports fans! Grab your rainbow flags because there is just 1 more sleep to go until the 7th Gay Games kicks off in Chicago. Homosexual competitors from 70 countries have descended on the "Windy City" to participate in 30 disciplines.

Most of these events are your typical sports while some events are more questionable. Dancesport is being featured and so is darts. Interestingly, there is no boxing. I guess there will be more lovers than fighters at the Gay Games. The most unique event I noticed was one called "Physique". I assume you have to turn up and look hot to do well.

It should be a very festive, merry and gay occasion in Chicago over the following week. I just hope no athletes get disqualified for testing positive to heterosexuality. From the looks of the athletes I doubt it.

Right, I'll get my coat.....

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