Thursday, June 22, 2006

$100 Burger

100 US dollars could buy you between 50-100 cheeseburgers depending on which country you're in. But at an exclusive Florida resort, it only gets you one.

If you dine at "The Old Homestead Steakhouse" in the "Boca Raton Resort & Club", they have a burger on their menu made from the beef of 3 different nations that will set you back $US100.

The portion of meat in this burger is about 15cm across and 6cm thick. It is made from American prime beef, Japanese wagyu and the best minced steak from Argentina.

Before you can buy the burger, you need to pay the $US40,000 membership fee to join the club which includes a $US3,600 annual fee.

I guess there are some benefits to getting ripped off at this Florida resort and club:

1) You don't have to stand in a long queue waiting to give your order while the people in front of you are ordering takeaway for their whole office.

2) You don't have to wait patiently in line while some annoying kid takes a lifetime picking the toy that comes with their "Happy Meal".

3) The staff member at the club won't annoy you by asking "would you like fries with that?"

4) The person taking your order also won't ask you "would you like to try any of our delicious desserts or apple pies" before you've even had your meal.

5) You'll be less compelled to waste food because if you take out the pickles and have food stuck between your teeth, that's $USD10 you've wasted.

Right, I'll get my coat.....


Keropok said...

I shall be damned sure I never eat there.

Nice blog. I kinda wandered in here. See you soon.

FH2O said...

Yeah! And the poke to both eyes is yet another small price to pay to dine in such priviledged surroundings ... *sigh*

I'm getting my coat too. ;)